Only NY - Park Days

For the second summer in a row, I had the distinct pleasure of producing some visuals for my friends at Only NY.

This piece, celebrating the fun and beauty of New York City's parks, as part of the brand's ongoing partnership with the City of New York, was uniquely special.  A few years ago I was tapped to design the copy for the initial NYC collection, and just last winter had my first product feature as part of the same collaboration. 

The chance to bring things full circle with a Park Days video excited me to no end.  Working closely with Main Idea and the team uptown, we designed a production schedule centered around two of Manhattan's most-trafficked parks, Central Park and Sara D. Roosevelt Park.  From there we built out a roster of friends & family for each activity and let the games begin.

From fly-fishing at the Harlem Meer to bouldering in Central Park and pickup games downtown, the following is a true depiction of Summer in the City.  Enjoy!